Over and Done and Starting Over


Being in a long distance relationship we cannot avoid conflicts and arguments. These are the things that we need to avoid but there are times that we can’t. The reasons that we cannot stop these conflicts because we are too busy, no time for each other or sometimes we are insensitive. How do you deal with it? What if your partner is insensitive of what you are feeling? We may ask a lot of questions and ask advices to our friends or close relatives about it. But this is your own thing and you need to face the reality that it is only between you and your partner. In a long distance relationship there are times that if they think they cannot fix their problem they will break up and give up. I know that it’s easy to say and give advises but sometimes it’s hard to do it. Before giving up you need to think a million times. Look back your memories together and think about the time and emotions that you already have in your relationship. If you think it is over I think not. Having a relationship with someone is not a game or a toy that if you think it won’t work you won’t find ways to fix it. If you love each other you have to find ways to fix what you’ve earn in your relationship. Honestly, Nigel and I we don’t like arguments and misunderstandings and we find ways so we don’t end up being mad at each other. Nigel doesn’t like a woman who nags. He told me that there’s a problem we can talk about it. In my case, I’ve been to a relationship with a lot of arguments and I am already fed up with it. I don’t like arguing with someone that is not listening or not understanding their partner. My mom always told me that conflicts can lead to break up and I do believe it. I will give advises if you are having arguments and conflicts:

  1. Talk to each other. You need to talk. This is the most important part. If you are having arguments do not leave and get mad easily. I know you are both mad but you need to be calm and sit down and tell your partner that you need to talk about the problem. It doesn’t matter if whose fault it is.
  1. Give each other time to explain each side. You need to listen and understand what is your partner is talking. After that you tell the side of your story. Open up and be honest to your partner. There’s nothing wrong to listen to other side first and make sure to let your partner finish what he or she is saying and do not interrupt.Do not blame each other because it can lead to worst.
  1. Say Sorry. I know that our pride is always there hanging if we have conflicts but set aside that and apologize. Don’t just say that you are sorry you need to mean what you said. Just like in the song Sorry seems to be the hardest word and I do believe in it. If you love someone and you are willing to forgive each other Sorry is an easy word to say for the both you.You need to be sensitive with each other’s feelings,too.
  1. Hug each other. Let each other feel that you are meant for each other and whatever arguments or conflicts that you encounter you can pass it. These are just test for couples or even families. For me, hugging is a sign that person is real and true to you. For LDR couples, I know we are far from each other’s partner. For me, I just look at him and let him know and tell him how much he meant to me. Sometimes you can send a love letter for your partner by email or if you have couple applications.
  1. Lastly, always remember do not sleep without making up. Don’t sleep if your partner and you are still in an argument. Fix everything before you go to sleep. It is like taking away bad vibes on your relationship. Always have a positive vibes.

These are my advises and I hope that it can help you. How about you? How do you deal with arguments? Share it to me. Thanks for reading.


      “Good things come with a positive vibe.”

This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : Conflict Resolution

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7 thoughts on “Over and Done and Starting Over

  1. Joana says:

    How about if you are not in a relationship? You are not doing wrong to hurt that person but SHE thinks you do something bad to her. It is not bad to be happy with someone now. I am so blessed to know this person after a month and I am really happy to be with that person. Before she leaves, we talked and we decided to remain as friends. But know things has changed because she always mad at me and I don’t know why. She doesn’t like to tell me her reasons.. That’s why I will not bother her anymore. I will focus my attention to someone who loves me. This time, I will make sure that, I will not lose her.. AJA! hahahhahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • if she says friends .. just be friends with no feelings but it is better to moved on and leave the past behind so that no hurt and pain. I know it is hard to do it but you have to do it. Feelings shouldn’t be played by someone. If that person means to you and if you think he or she is happy with someone new be happy for her or him. Let the past behind you.


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