Leafcutter’s Tiny Mail Kit ( Dee’s Review )

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At long last and for a very long time waiting for this last It’s HERE. I’ve been waiting for this for almost 2 months and I know that it’s very late to do a review about it and as I promise to LDRBN I will do a review as soon as the kit arrives. Last November 4th, I was called out to get a notice paper from the post office and I was very surprise that it is already the 2nd notice and I’ve never had a 1st notice from them. The next day I went to tht post office and I was super excited to get it. When I arrived at the office I opened it and I was very happy that it was the tiny mail kit. My first impression was it’s super cute and I want to play with it 🙂 ( can you feel my excitement?) Below are the photos that I took first.

IMG_20151105_122816 IMG_20151105_122916


Thank you so much people from Leafcutter’s especially for Devin for writing the letter. See it was so cute. For that small package, there’s a lot of things inside.

collage-2015-11-09Here’s what’s inside:

2 ink pads ( red and black )

6 strings

tiny magnifying glass

3 mail stamps

88 postage stamp stickers

6 tiny brown boxes

6 brown papers

6 copies of newspaper

24 tiny envelopes and papers

felt tip pen

8 transparent envelopes

tiny mail box cut out


I love DIY’s but usually I do for clothes but this is my first time for this tiny mail kit. I love the pen because when you write down on the papers it won’t erase. I have big hands so it’s struggle for me to put the tiny stickers on the envelopes. I used my tweezers so I can put the stickers on. I tried to do a crossword puzzles in the newspaper and it’s so cute to write down on it.  While opening it and writing letters Nigel is watching and I promise to send him some of it so he can try to do it,too. I just hope that there’s a tiny tape included because sometimes stickers can stay for a long time. All in all I love it.Soon I’ll send it to Nigel and to my close friend.




If you also want to get your own tiny mail kit, you can visit their website Leafcutter’s , and use the code LDRVIP10 to get 10% discount.

P.S. :

I would like to thank the people in LDRBN and my friends there because even if it’s late to do the review it’s okay with them. I am happy and I will still join the challenges and campaigns. If you guys want to join our network : Click Here and just type DEE as your referrer.

Proud Supporter Of LDRBN!


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