(Day 36) Love is…

relationshippluscomics-love-is......-cartoonsIt’s not easy to hide feelings from your partner and there are times that if your partner asks you about sometimes you deny it what you feel and it leads up to misunderstanding. I am a type of person that can’t hide feelings and you can see it to my facial expressions,too. It is okay to show your emotions to your partner at least they would know what you really feel. Don’t be ashamed or have fear in expressing your feelings,too.


2 thoughts on “(Day 36) Love is…

  1. Joana says:

    Yep, hiding your feelings to someone is not good. It is better to try your best and reveal your feelings to someone. That means, you show to the person that he/she is important. If you don’t like that person, it is better to tell the truth. Be true to yourself. Playing someone’s feeling is not good.

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