My Advice for the Both of Us


This post should be a collaboration post but there some problem but I do understand it so I am now posting this. What we have in mind was to look for the right prompt for our relationship with partner. So, we’re in a long distance relationship and we want to share some tips and advices on how to make relationship works. We are glad to share these to you. This post should be a halfsies this part is mine but I will be glad to share it with her and I hope she reads this post. Long Distance Relationship is a very complicated relationship and it takes a lot of patience and trust if you want to be in this kind of relationship. People tend to say negative things about it because for them it isn’t real and it’s not going to work. Some parents or friends will discourage your relationship because that person will never be serious to you and they think your relationship with your partner is not serious at all. There are some friends who are not that supportive with your relationship and these are the worst especially if it will be your parents. Okay, there are more negative sides but there are more positive sides if you’re in this kind of relationship. I am not convincing everyone to be in this kind of relationship. There are times that long distance relationship will be successful and there are times not but it won’t end like that. I am not really sugar coating the tips that I write down in here. This is just based on my relationship with Nigel now. Within the month of November and December Nigel will be very busy and we haven’t talk about much and if we are on Skype sometimes we can’t have good conversations. This is like my advice to me and Nigel and it can be an advice to other couples that are in a long distance relationship.

Dee’s Tips:

  • Try to communicate to your SO regularly and be more creative. Greeting each other Good morning, Goodnight is just a little boring and what I mean with creative is you can download some app that can make your communication fun. Nigel and I have Couple application and sometimes we log in there to do “thumbkiss” and try to draw together. There are times that I send audios to sing to him or just tell him I love him and photos and do wacky poses so he won’t miss me. We also downloaded the Couplete app and I am very happy that you can write a love letter in there. Do video calls because it is better to see and hear your SO’s voice and face and it’s a great feeling if you see that person.
  • Do Things Together. If your SO is into online games you can play games together. You can watch videos and movies together. Nigel and I usually watch you tube videos together and we watch Music videos of his favourite songs and sometimes we watch Family Guy together and because he is into PS3 and PS4 if he is playing I am just watching him play because I don’t know how to play. We downloaded Tekken on our phone so we can do a matching game if we are online. We love food so sometimes if he is cooking he let me see what he is cooking and if I am cooking I let him see it, too.
  • Be Honest. Every relationship there’s honesty. You need to be open with each other. Don’t try to deal something by yourself. You need to tell your SO if how do you feel and what the problem is. Let your SO help you and give you support on what you need. Don’t try to hide something from your SO like secrets it is better to tell the truth than to keep it and the result will be worse.
  • Know each other’s schedule. Well, being in a LDR time zones are the worst and it’s stressful. Nigel and I have 8-9 hours differences now because of the Daylight Saving Time. So, I know his working hours and he knows mine. Every weekend we do Skype and around 1PM PST he will go to his friend’s house and play PlayStation in there until 4:30 AM PST. Every Sunday, his schedule is busy because he goes out riding bikes with friends and help out with other stuff at his friend’s house. Every time we go out or do something we tell it to each other or we write it down in couple application so both of us can check it.
  • Keep the positivity and lose the negativity. In this relationship, you should always be positive because it is so tough and you feel lonely if your partner is not with you. There will be times especially if had an arguments and it’s difficult to talk about it. Waiting for the right moment to be with your partner is difficult but in the end it’s worth it. Be thankful for everything that is going on with your relationship. Just be happy and let the love alive.


“Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…”

Thanks for reading. 🙂

This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : AMAZING ADVICE

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3 thoughts on “My Advice for the Both of Us

  1. Joana says:

    Wow! How sweet! Effort is good to do who deserve it. If you see a person give your time and attention just be happy for that and you are blessed to have this person. There are other people, after all you give support, your best to make him/her happy. He/ she will leave you behind. No matter what happen even though, that person leaves you behind be good and show kindness.

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