LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 11 and 12 )


Day 11: Name 5 random things about your partner!

  • He likes playing PS3 and PS4 and he can play with it for a very long time.
  • When he takes a shower it takes a long time for him to finish.
  • If he is watching a game video on YouTube he really focuses on it and can’t hear me talking about something.
  • He is English but he doesn’t like tea.
  • He has his artistic side and he can draw well.

Day 12: How did you tell your family and friends about your relationship? We’re they supportive? What about your partner?

At first I didn’t tell my mom about my relationship with him because I am not sure yet about us. My mom and friends are supportive about my relationship with him but they just told me not to give 100%. He told his mom and dad and at first they asked him questions about me and reminded him to be careful but after I met them on Skype they were supportive ( I haven’t meet his Dad yet)


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