Dee is with Kay ( Blog Review and Getting to Know Her )


This month challenge in LDRBN is to do a blog review with other members and I joined in and I am very happy to partner up with my friend Kay. I think this is great so you can both know what to do or what are the improvements for your blog and you can learn more about each other. This is like a bonding time with your friend because you can get to send her email and you can chat with her. I sent her some questions but it is going to be a different post. I was confused about this review blog but good thing Kay give me some ideas about.

This my blog review about her blog :

I love Kay’s blog and I don’t know how to start the review and I am bad about doing it. I will try my best to do it. I think her blog is great because she is not only focusing to LDR but she tried to do other posts like beauty and lifestyle. She even shares photos she has widgets ( Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest ). I love the way she posts because it’s simple but you can learn from it and you can get ideas ( very thankful about it ). I love her header because it is the name of her blog it’s cool. I just observed that her blog’s background is plain white so I am suggesting that she could try to change her background it could have colors or designs. Sorry Kay, I am a fan of colourful patterns and backgrounds. Hahaha. That’s the only thing that I observed. Kay is a great blogger and being her partner is great for me because she can tell me things that I should improve on.I am a newbie on this blogging world so she can help me to be better. Kay sent me her blog review and I am doing what she told me. The only problem about me is I am not good at checking everything in WordPress so I asked help from others. All in all I love reading her blog posts it can help me and give me ideas.

 And since we are partner this is my chance to ask her some questions about her and I am happy that she answered the questions that I asked here. Check it below:

  1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging when I was 14 (2003) and made my first paycheck with blogging! Back then, blogging was still new and people were just interested to see what I was talking about. I mostly writing about my daily life and put up photos of it. I stopped blogging when I went to uni and continued again when I was finishing uni (2012). It was in 2014 when I decided to take up blogging seriously again. 

  1. What inspires you to write posts on your blog?

This may sound cheesy, but Don is only of my biggest inspiration. He would push me to write more. Brainstorm content with me and give me critiques on my blog on where I should improve and such. Another inspiration I get for my posts is life. My daily life. I am always looking for new ideas or tips to share. Anything I see that I can relate and write about. I write. 

  1. Can you give tips about blogging?
  • Always give 100% when you write. I believe that readers can feel when you’re not putting too much effort in it. I admit, I do sometimes posts half-hearted entries. If I can, I avoid it. 
  •  Share your story with photos to support. Most people understand better with visuals, so I try my best to put in as many supportive photos with my post.
  •   Comment on people’s blog. That’s one way to get more readership to your blog.
  1. What qualities that Don has that you love most?

Don is one of the most thoughtful and kind hearted person, I know. He would go out of his way to help someone just because. Sometimes he is too kind that people take advantage of it. I get upset of that, even then he is still positive and see the silver lining. Because of his wonderful traits, I do my best to think about others. Give them the benefit of the doubt. 

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages in LDR?

Advantages: I wrote a post on advantages of LDR here. Check it out:
Advantages of LDR

I also wrote about the sucky things about LDR here

Disadvantages of LDR

  1. How do you handle your emotions and what do you do if you miss your partner?

I try to stay positive and optimistic. Don and i talk all the time. We text, we have quick chats during the day. I don’t get to miss him! haha! When i do miss him, i tell him and he always tells me to be positive and stay optimistic.  

  1. What do you do to keep your love alive in LDR?

We plan our future. There are a lot of things we need to do to close the distance and we plan it together. Doing this together keeps us going and keep our love alive. 

  1. Can you give advices to LDR couples?
  •  Always have trips planned out
  • Build a foundation of trust
  • Plan your end date.

I tried to edit my blog and I fix some of it but still in categorize. Thanks so much Kay for this and I hope we can talk more and I’ll interview more about LDR 🙂 So happy with your answers. ❤ Much Love


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