For the Last Time


Let me ask you some questions

Coz I can’t stop my obssession

It’s been 365 days

Too many delays and relays

Aren’t you tired?

And it seems like I’m wired

I am tired of you

Can’t you see the clue

Why are you still holding on?

Can’t you try to be gone

Why are still here?

Can’t you try to disappear

I’m tired of you

And I know you’re tired of me,too

Hold my hand for the last time

Coz I won’t hold yours for a very long time.



7 thoughts on “For the Last Time

  1. When I first saw the title, I thought “oh no! are they breaking up?!” and then when I read it, i found out its a poem. It hit me right in the feels. What was your inspiration for this post?


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