Great News from WordPress

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I started this blog last March this year and at first I was hesitant to do this blog because I have some other blogs that was left behind and I didn’t maintain it. I am not really sure if I will do LDR blog. Before I started this I ask some suggestions of the blog name and I am happy that my friends and Nigel supported me on this blog. Time past and I became part of LDRBN ( Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network ) and my friend Diana recruited me in there and I am happy to meet great people that have the same situation with mine. I was eager to maintain this blog because of the people who appreciate my posts and supports me. I just can’t believe that I already posted 200 posts and it’s amazing. I am not good at this and for me I am still a newbie but just happy about the progress. Thank you for the people who followed me in here. You’re awesome. We don’t know each other personally but thanks for the Likes and Comments.


All I want to say is ” Thank You So Much “ ❤ and more posts to come and if you have any suggestions about what to write or anything just let me know.

Love You All ♥♥♥


Much Love

Dee ^^


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