Going to One Direction


Recently, I am beginning to like them because of their songs. On this post I will share my top five songs that I like. Sorry but before I don’t like Harry Styles because of what happen to them with Taylor Swift but of course life moves on so forget the past. They’re both happy with their career and their lives. Now, I am liking Harry now especially his cuteness acts in concerts or interviews. I love his accent and his husky voice (my gosh!!!). They’ve been here in the Philippines last year and they had 2 day concert and it’s full pack. I just watch videos on Instagram and on You tube. Below are the songs that I love.

  1. Little Things – This song was from their album : Take Me Home and was released 2012. I love this song because it’s all about love and the person who wrote this song was in love with his/her someone special. This song was written by Ed Sheeran (well, what’s new.. cuteness and sweetness).

             Fave Lines:


         2. Night Changes – This was released last year from the album:  Four. I heard that this is Harry Styles favorite song in the album. I love the melody of the song but I am trying to interpret the song lyrics. I guess these guys are talking to their special girls that time is fast but even they are will get old the relationship will still be the same.

Fave Line:


3. Steal My Girl – This song was part of their album Four. This was co-written by Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. They are being protective with woman and they are telling this to the guys or other people who will hurt or steal her.

Fave Line:


4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go – I guess I have a lot of songs that I love on their album Four. I love the melody of this song because it is a little bit a fast track. For me the song is about a guy that is searching for the woman that he hurt and he wants everything to be fix again on their relationship.

Fave Line:


5. Perfect – I admit that I am in love with this song. This song is from there album : Made in the AM. The first time I heard about this it reminded me of Taylor Swift because of the melody of the song. This was co-written by Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. For Me, the song is about a guy that telling his woman that he maybe not the romantic Romeo type of guy but he is the one for the woman. They are both perfect for each other whatever differences they have.

Fave Line:



Do you have favorite One Direction’s song? Why do you like it?



Thanks for reading 🙂 Much Love ❤


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