Swiftiefied by TSwift


Hey guys, how are you? I started to write a fan blog and the last time I wrote an open letter for Taylor Swift and of course a post about TayVin. Since LDRBN site is still down for this week I will write about my favourite artists and singers. Yesterday, I wrote about Justin Bieber’s album Purpose and my fave songs in there. I am a Swiftie and I love Taylor Swift and that’s really true. My playlist is mostly TSwift’s songs. Taylor Swift, 5th album: 1989 was released last October 27, 2014 and I was surprise that it’s been a year now and all her songs in her album are super famous and it’s still in Billboard Top 100. Taylor Swift is still in her World tour but sadly she can’t bring 1989 here in Manila and we’re sad about the news but still we love her. Her album is 1989 because it is here birth year (and I am so happy that we are both Sagittarius and we were born in the same Month). I am very happy that the sales of 1989 were a big hit. From country music she shifted to pop genre. She has 13 tracks in her album and I will share my three top favorites and how I interpret the song lyrics.


  1. You are In Love – I know this song was co-written by Jack Antonoff and it was for his fiancé Lena Dunham. I love the melody of the song because it’s mellow. For me, this song is for your special someone and how you fall in love with that person. You are inspired because of your special someone and that person means to you so much.

Fave Line:


  1. Wildest Dream – This is another mellow track. She is writing this for someone in the past and she wants that person to remember her even if they are not together. On her Music Video, I love it because the concept is 1950’s movie and she is very stunning and the best part is she is with Scott Eastwood (and they said Calvin Harris is there,too).

Fave Line:


  1. I Know Places – At first I don’t like this song but when I listen to it for a lot of times I love the song lyrics and the melody of it. In this song it’s like she is hiding from people (paparazzi and media) and she has a secret place where she hides from. I am guessing she’s hiding with special someone (hoping it’s Calvin Harris).They need to have her a break and privacy.

Fave Line:


All songs in her 1989 album are my favorite. I hope she will have a new album soon. She’s a great singer and song writer. It’s not always focusing on heartbreak songs. Do you have a favorite song from Taylor Swift? What is it and why do you like it?

Thanks for reading.

Much love ❤



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