Bored with Everything


This week is just the worst week of me especially posting on my blog. I am bored with everything. I want to relax and just don’t think of a lot of things. Just STILL. I don’t know but I think I need a break. I want to clear my mind and travel. Oh! I wish it’s 2016. I just want to be with Nigel now, go out and travel together. We already have place where to go and where to stay. I won’t tell the details for now. Only one thing. We will visit my hometown. Every time I wake up I am bored to get up and go to work. Do I need to refresh my life? Do I need to have a break? I wish this boredom will stop because I want to do a lot of things. I want to be productive but…..


Thinking…too many things on my mind…  It’s like my mind is too crowded with everything. I don’t know what to say and to express. I just a break.


2 thoughts on “Bored with Everything

  1. The Fat Kat says:

    Go on a spa day. 😀 Relax and unwind. Have a bit of time for yourself. I guarantee that you’ll be refreshed. Also, try adult coloring books. They’re amazing!!!

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