Mr. H


These days, I kept on stalking Mr. H. Checking his instagram and twitter if he posted something. Tried to check his videos on You tube and kept on repeating the interviews they are in. I just don’t understand why I am like this. Am I obsess with him? Do I like him?  I was on Tumblr for sometime and kept on checking some of his tumblr sites. I am saving even his photos on my phone. I’d admit I hate him before but time passes by I am getting to like him especially this time. I may not a number fan but I am secretly like him. I am too old to have a “crush” but I like his green eyes, cuteness and his smile. I really do hope someday I will see him personally. He is famous so he won’t even say “hi” to me (these are all in my dreams). I told Nigel about it and he was like okay then whatever. Every time I hear his husky voice and his accent makes my heart melts. He is my obsession now. I am his stalker,too. Creepy??? I guess so. hahaha.

Mr. H is not a third with my relationship with Nigel. If you are my friend probably you know who I am talking about.Nigel is not jealous and won’t ever be jealous because of him. It’s just weird that sometimes I am in google then I am typing his name and the result is I am reading articles about him. I am scared of this now. Probably I need to control of this. Lessen down every thing. Now I know what are the feelings of the fans that he has. Screaming and No Control.


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