Across the Seas : The Ilonggas meet The Brits(POV)



This is a guest post with the interview style post and I am so happy to collaborate with Kae and she suggested that we use the blog prompt : Culture since my SO and her ex are both from UK. We both suggested to send each other questions that we should answer in our posts. I posted more about Filipino cultures because Nigel wants to learn about it but for the English or British cultures I am not really familiar with it. If you want to know more about culture differences and traditions I’ll post the link below so you can check it out:

Brit Guy and Pinay Part 1

Brit Guy and Pinay Part 2

English Guy Learning Philippine Traditions

The best part of collaborations is you get to know more about your partner and you will have a bonding time even if you are far from each other. It’s funny because we are both Ilonggas ( from Iloilo City, Philippines ).  Having an English boyfriend is fun because I love the accent, he is a gentleman and he loves me more than I love him. He always said that he is not sweet but his romantic side is always there with him. I love him because he is blunt with what he feels for me. Before we are together I tried to search about English people and some of their cultures. I know that English people love Tea but Nigel doesn’t like it he prefers Coke and Cranberry juice. He likes to eat spicy food and it’s not typical to English people.Nigel doesn’t want to be called British because he was born in England and his parents are English.I am excited about this post. This is the second time that I feature my LDRBN friends and I am thinking to do this again.

Q & A with Kae

  1. Introduce Yourself and about your blog :

–> My name is Kae and I’m 27. I like to read books a lot. I’m a self proclaimed bookworm. I am a nerd, a gamer, a frustrated writer, foodie and a novice photographer. I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a Filipino who is residing in and is a bonafide citizen of Windsor, Ontario,CA.

My blog, The Fat Kat, is about all the things I’m mainly interested in, my LDR journey, and other things that I would love to share with other people.

2. Where and when did you meet your SO?

–> Peter and I met via my best friend. Cindy, way back 2009 or  2010.While visiting her house, Cindy wanted to show me something. She opened her Facebook account and showed me Peter’s profile then proceeded to tell me how she knew him. Curious, I sent him a friend request ( after asking permission from Cindy ) which he accepted. We became close friends.

3. Have you met him personally or just online?

–> Both! Haha! We became a couple online mere months after I go out of an abusive relationship back in 2012. Six months later, we broke up due to distance issues and both of us were still quite young ( in our early to mid 20’s ) and there were a lot of temptations. He didn’t want me to lose my trust in him so he was the one who broke it off. We became friends again (after a period of not talking ) and sometimes we unconsciously treat each other like the break up never happened.

We met last year (2014) for my birthday and he stayed for 2 weeks. We were both single at that time. We have no plans in getting back together though we had both admitted to each other that we wanted to do so.

4.What do you think is interesting about the British and English cultures?

–> Tough question. There are a lot of things I find fascinating especially their history. I think their way of speaking — and I’m not talking about the accent though it is quite lovely to hear. And the Tea. The Brits do take their tea seriously. I can’t even tell the difference between high tea and just plain tea old having tea.

5. Does he share about their culture? Like what?

–> He does not. He knows I am quite obsessed about everything in the UK or about the UK. HAHA!

6. Do you share Filipino cultures to him? Like what?

–> I did. I taught him things. HEHE! I shared to him the importance of “Mano Po” and about how friends address the parents of another friend ( aunt or uncle )because some foreigners tend to be confused about that. Oh! the slipper thing. Wherein it’s polite to leave one’s slippers and shoes outside the front door of the house when visiting unless it’s okay by the owner of the house if you could wear them.

7. Does culture differences affect your relationship? why?

–> Not all. Excpet whe his mum thought that I was using his to get a green card. That kind of hurt a bit. He sometimes teases me that I’m more Brit than Filipino what with my obsession about anything British.

8. Is there a situation that you argue about your culture differences?

–> None. We argued about other stuff but not that. We are open-minded about it.

9. Do you still want to learn more about other cultures? What culture and Why?

–> YES! I would love to learn the culture of Japan because I know only a bit through pop culture. And having and in depth understanding about their history would be a great plus!

10. What’s your advice to LDR couple that have different cultures?

–> Hmm. Be open. Take the effort to know and learn his,her culture to better understand your SO. Learn to love it as well. He or she will appreciate you and love you more for that.

Hope you guys learn and enjoy reading this post and if you want to share about culture differences I’ll be happy to talk with you guys. Let me know and just comment down below.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Have you learn about the culture of your SO? What culture is the same as your culture?


” Once you understand and appreciate people’s cultural backgrounds,then you can also connect with them more”.


This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : CULTURE

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