LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 28,29,30,31)



Day 28: Describe the look of your dream apartment/house together!

I just want the house to be simple. I don’t want to have a big house. I wanted to have a 2 storey house like this :


Day 29: Do you remember what you were both wearing the first time you video chatted (or saw each other)?

I think he is wearing a blue t shirt but I am not sure what is the color of the shirt I am wore but I know that I am wore my eyeglasses that time.

Day 30: If you two could go anywhere in the world together where would it be and why?

Probably here in the Philippines but an island. It will be in Palawan ( Aman Pulo ). It’s very very nice in there. There are lots of Hollywood and Local celebrities been here.



Day 31: Describe his/her personality in 6 words!

  • crazy
  • fun
  • blunt
  • bully
  • smart
  • witty

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