Getting to Know Me and You

I looked online about games or questions that I can use to get to know more about Me and of course with YOU! Yes, you it means the one reading this. I saw these questions on Pinterest and I think this interesting so I can learn something from you and you can learn something back. I hope you guys will join in.


  1. Comment below and Pick 3 numbers.
  2. I will answer back as soon as you picked a number
  3. I will pick 3 numbers and you will answer it,too.
  4. NO LIES…. ( πŸ˜› )


Let the question and answer begins…..




16 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me and You


      13. I would love to go on a dinner date in a beach with bonfire under the dark sky.

      15. My birthday yesterday it’s one of my wishes that came true πŸ™‚

      22. I am…
      -> sensitive
      -> moody
      -> suddenly gets emotional
      -> can cry fast but difficult to stop crying
      -> talks to myself ( if I am alone )
      -> hate people looking at me


      MY TURN : πŸ™‚

      14 , 21 , 25 ( 5 lists are fine )


  1. Ging says:

    Nice answers, Dee!! β™₯
    14. Even if my food already fell on the floor, I would sometimes still eat it. πŸ˜€
    21. My former best friend not talking to me anymore. 😦
    25. 5 ways to win my heart:
    -if a guy is God-fearing
    -if a guy likes to have deep conversations (haha)
    -if a guy is a gentleman
    -if he likes to write love letters (the old-fashioned way)
    -if he helps me with things i am not so knowledgeable about (eg. using the computer)

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    • wow… we’re the same on the 14 answer hahahaha.. they say germs won’t be there until a minute. hahahaha

      sorry to hear about the best friend hope you two will be fine soon..

      I love writing love letters but Nigel is not that kind of guy hahaha..

      Thank you for answering πŸ™‚


  2. Joana says:

    14 – I have washing dishes with full of oil.

    21 – Before someone broke my heart but now I overcame it.

    25 – 1. Lovely eyes
    2. Wonderful smile
    3. A girl who wear nice clothes.
    4. She has a kind heart.
    5. Sweet and caring.

    MY TURN: 1, 5, 16

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      1. Talking to myself when I am alone. I know it sounds crazy but it can help releasing stress and motivate you.

      5. -> staring at me for quite a long time
      -> cheaters
      -> too much PDA
      -> lifting one’s own bench (egotistically trumpeting one’s achievements)
      -> annoying people

      16. -> I am a sociable person.
      -> having good relationship with other people
      -> good listener and adviser about problems ( even I can’t do mine )


      MY TURN:

      28, 21, 25 ( at least 5 answers )


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