My December Goals


It’s December and Christmas day is so near. We have 2 or 3 weeks to go before Christmas and this is the busiest and giving of presents, New goals but I am happy that some goals that I posted  last November is on progress but there are some goals that needs to be achieve more. I am trying to do it one at a time and slowly. I have long term goals so it will take time to finish it. Here are my monthly goals this month:

My housing loan is still on and they change the schedule to give the requirements on this month and I am patiently waiting it and fix some important requirements that are needed so it will be organize once I pass it. We already to talk to the person and he said that we just have to be ready for the requirements.

Last month, I said that I have some white spots on my face and now I happy with the result of it less spots left on my face and I will post my bare face soon. The cream that I’ve been using really works.

About my blog, I am happy of the progress and last month Stats increases and I am very with the help of my friend Diana for checking our stats weekly. I promise to be better in writing. I have collaboration with Kae and it’s really nice because I can get to talk to her and know her more and another collaboration with Khaira about the theme review. I hope this month I can have collaboration with some members and post more in the community and participate more with campaigns.

For saving up, I am still working on it. I will do my best to budget everything this month. This month, I have to buy presents for my friends and send something for Nigel. I already have a gift for him and I will send him the tiny mail kit that I have.

For relationship, we are getting better and stronger. I am happy with my birthday it was a blast no party but the one that I am waiting for was there. He gave me flowers. It was the best birthday ever. This Christmas day we promise to celebrate together and I will cook for him. I will post it on my Instagram. He will buy plane tickets on January and I can’t wait for it.

I am positive in achieving my goals. I know there are times that it will be difficult to achieve but I am willing to go for it. How about you? What are your goals this month? Share and thanks for reading.

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