Why does it HURT?


I thought I have moved on

But I am always haunted at the dawn

Whenever I see you with her

Everything flashes back like a slur

Why does it still hurt?

Why does my heart crushed?

Why does my mind wants me stop?

Why? Please tell me why?

The sound of your laugh

Haunting me like the phonograph

That smile that is like a mimeograph

Is now burden to me when I burned those photographs.

Passing by me like you never care

Like every thing that we had just like the air

Why is it too soon for you to move on?

Why does your love for me is now gone?

I beg to you not to leave me

Crying down on my knees

Asking you ” Please stay “

But all of a sudden you push me away

How can you be so cruel?

You made me like a fool

I know it’s still hurt

But it’s better to leave than to be with someone that is a flirt.


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