Thanks to You (Part 2: For Friends and Family)


My first post is for him and now I want to be thankful to the people that are very supportive with my Long distance relationship with Nigel. I know that the first months of my relationship with Nigel that we are together they aren’t really supportive about it because of the distance and because of my ex-boyfriend that it didn’t work well. They thought that it won’t work and we won’t stay long. I was hurt and sad about it but they said it’s the reality. Mostly, long distance relationship won’t work and ended up broken. There are people that were negative with my relationship with him.  Long Distance relationship is very tough but I want to stay with him forever and I know there are some obstacles that I need to pass by. I’ve learned a lot on this relationship and I am so happy that  my LDR friends experiences gave me strength and encourage me to stayin here. Their stories are my inspiration. Their advices are for keeps. I know that in here some relationship ended but still friendship is there. I hope that one day we will meet personally. On this post I want to be thankful because without those negative comments we won’t be able to stay strong and longer. Thankful for them. Believing in us especially to my close friends, my mom and his parents and sister. My friends are always there for me whenever I need advice and listen to me if I feel sad or happy. Our relationship is tough and we need to learn more from each other. I hope that my friends and my family are there with us forever. So, I want to make a letter for you all especially to the people  that are there with me and super supportive with my relationship.

For my friends and family,

Thank you for the love and support for me. Advises that you gave me is I will keep it. I know that there are times that I don’t listen but still you are there for me. For my close friends, I am so grateful for having you guys with me. The motivation is awesome. Thanks for helping me to be strong and staying if I am feeling down. For my LDR friends, I am so happy to meet you all. You guys are the best and the tips and advice is treasured. I know that I am not that updated anymore but still you support us. I am thankful that I joined the community and I don’t have any regrets. You guys are the best. For my mom, you are my best supporter and my best friend. Thank you for listening to me. Reminding me not to rush with everything. Thankful for letting Nigel be part of us and being nice to him. You both are not that talking and just having a simple greeting. I know that you are happy for me. I love you so much. For Nigel’s family, I am so thankful that you trust me with him. We may not see each other but Nigel always telling me that you ask if I how I am doing. That means so much to me. I really want to meet you in the future. Thank you for believing in us. I promise to be with him whatever happens. Love you. And lastly, thank you for the people who are supporting blog and following me. You guys, inspire me to write and post more on my blog. All in all I LOVE YOU ALL.



Who are you thankful for in your relationship?Family?Friends?

This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : THANKFUL

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“My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what’s keeping my head above the water.”

                                                                                             -Kelly Clarkson

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