A Story of A Girl


This is a story of a girl

That make your life swirl

I will tell you her story

And this is a mandatory

Do you think I am happy?

But look into my eyes because I am unhappy

Teary eyes outside

And can’t seem to hide

Suddenly I ran so fast

When I return I am an outcast

Staring at me like It’s my fault

I wish I am struck with a thunderbolt.

Every time I walk on this corridor

It’s like I am in a horror

I wish they will stop

Calling me names and writing it down on the tree top

They said they are my friends

And the people that I can depend

I was so wrong

And I can’t be strong

Putting my pictures on the wall

And making me like their doll

Ripped inside

Slowly I begin to cry

I want to leave this  town

Because I am not their clown

They are every where

And they make me scare

One day I stay in my room

Sprayed my favorite perfume

I am sorry if I have to do this

This is going to be the finale and I hope you won’t miss.


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