Nigel Versus Dee



I think you are curious about the title. We are not in a fight or in an argument. I just want to use this title because I think this is the right title on this post. We all have differences but for us we have a lot of it. How do you handle these differences especially you are in a long distance relationship? Can it affect your relationship? Anyway, I am so happy that this blog prompt is in here because this really for US. Nigel and I are very opposite with each other. I don’t why we are still together despite of our differences especially personalities. Usually couples that are opposite had arguments or can lead to break ups. I know that it can take a while to understand each other if you have opposite personalities. Nigel agrees with me that we are opposite and even him is questionable about staying in the relationship. There are times that we joke about being different from each other. But I read from an article that couples that have a lot of similarity less likely to stay with each other. They said that if you have the same things to do it’s boring. There are some articles that it was written there if you are opposites attract it’s complicated. So we are all dizzy and questionable about the research that they have. If we try to believe all of it you won’t know if it’s true or not. From the saying “Birds from the same feather flocks together” but how true is this saying? How hard is it if you are in a long distance relationship? Do you believe in this saying? Even psychologists agree that opposite attracts. On this blog post I will list down the personalities or traits that we have that are completely opposites.

  1. Introvert vs. Extrovert

Nigel is the introvert. He doesn’t want to be in a large group of people. He just wants to stay at home and play video games. I am also a home buddy but if I have time I go out and meet some friends. He prefers to spend more time in doing more things at home than outside. There are times some of his co-worker told him that he is a boring person. In my case, I love going out and talk to a lot of people. I used to be introvert but I tried to overcome my shyness to talk to other people.


  1. Anti-Social vs. Social

I love social media. I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites. It’s like I love posting photos of me and my friends and posting status. It’s the way I can interact with other people. One of the reasons that I have my blog is to get to know people who have the same situation as mine and can share experiences with them. For Nigel, he has no social media apps on his phone. He only has Viber and Skype. He said he is a private person and he doesn’t want other people to go in our relationship because for him relationship is only for two people I tried to ask him to make a Facebook account but he said No.I don’t want to force him to make an account because it might lead to arguments.


  1. Non- Sweet tooth vs. Sweet tooth

Who doesn’t like sweet? I guess all of us like sweets and chocolates. If I feel bad or sad I usually  buy chocolates to lessen down all the anxiety that I am feeling. I also love cupcakes. There are times that I buy it on our office because someone is selling in there. Now, Nigel he doesn’t like sweets. Okay? I don’t know whats the reason is but it’s no-no for him. But something fishy about him because there are times that I saw him eating ice cream. Hey! Ice creams are sweet, too. But he is defending himself that he doesn’t like to eat candies and chocolates.

  1. Gamer vs. non-Gamer

Nigel is a gamer. He is guilty with it. He can play and stay on the game for almost 24 hours except eating, taking shower and going to the toilet. He really loves playing and sometimes he tries to let me check it and let me watch him playing his games but I cannot understand it. I just like the graphics because it’s so real. He likes playing 18+ and  violent games but good thing he is not applying it. I don’t like playing PlayStation games because I am not really interested on it. Maybe its better that I play phone games probably I’ll enjoy it.

  1. Not Romantic vs. Hopeless Romantic

He said he is not the guy that I always see in movie. Reading and making poems, giving and sending flowers and love letters is not his thing. He is not romantic and that’s for sure. Nigel is not your prince that we know in fairy tales.As for me, I love writing poems and love letters because that’s how  I can express myself to the person that I love. I want my boyfriend to sends me flowers and chocolates. I am woman so I wanted to be like that. But to my surprise, in this relationship he sent me flowers and chocolates and he tried to write a love letter (I think he is getting there to being romantic).

So whatever will be the opposites between couples as long as partners understand each other everything will be fine. Being opposites doesn’t mean that you are not meant to be together. As long as you love and care for each other your relationship will be okay. Being opposite it’s like you are learning and knowing each other more.

Thanks for reading.


“Happiest couples never have the same character. They just have the best understanding of their differences.”

This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : OPPOSITES

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