Cyberbully ( Movie )


Last night, I saved offline a movie on Youtube. I was curious about it this movie and cyber bullying is just everywhere online. I like watching movies on Youtube I mean not the famous movies but movies that has meaning and not boring. This is a TV film and was released by ABC last 2011.The movie tells about a girl who was bullied  online.


Taylor ( Emily Osment ) got a laptop on her 17th birthday given by her mom, Kris ( Kelly Rowan ) and her brother Eric ( Robert Naylor ) was jealous about it. They made an account on their school social site called “CLIQUESTER” and her friends Samantha ( Kay Panabaker ) and Cheyenne ( Meaghan Rath ) helped her on it. Scott ( John Mclaren ) added her up on the site.Scott  asked Taylor to the dance and she said “Yes”. Cheyenne is happy for her, but Samantha does not like Scott because her Ex was a friend that dumped her after he got what he wants. One day, Eric, hacks into Taylor’s  account and posts a not so good status about his sister. Students at school write terrible  comments about her and she becomes afraid to go back to school. An unknown person added her up named “JAMES PETITIOUS”. She thinks he is a nice person and she shared personal stuffs to that guy, but suddenly  spreading a rumor that Taylor slept with him. Taylor was called “slut” and “whore” as a result of the bullying. The comments that she read made her life miserable. Scott told her  that he cannot take her to the dance and Cheyenne tried turn her back on her. Samantha is with her but later on leave her. She was really depress and she doesn’t know what to do.Taylor posted a video online saying that she can no longer live with herself. She said there : cyberbully_movie_saying-441098.jpg

When Samantha saw the video and she called up Taylor but no one is answering she called up Kris and told her that something happen to Taylor she went to Taylor’s house and they found her opening a bottle of pills that she wanted to take but cannot get the cap off. Taylor was sent to a hospital. Kris learned from the incident and she went to find out what started the bullying. She went to Taylor’s school and talked to the principal and when to state legislation to prevent others from going through cyber bullying. Doctor recommends that Taylor can go to a support group and get help about the problem.  She finds that one of her classmates, Caleb ( Jade Hassouné  ) is going through the same exact thing, and the bullies called him “gay”. Taylor finds support in the group and deals with the bullying and it helped her a lot. One night, Samantha went to her home and  she confessed that she is the one who created the “James” profile and set Taylor up. Samantha feels guilty of what she done and after telling the truth she becomes a victim of cyber bullying. Almost all her school mates and class mate bullied her online. Taylor composed herself and told her mom that they need to voice out about cyber bullying and they went to a newspaper company but at first the writer was not interested but he suggested that he needs to talked to Samantha because it will be a great story. Samantha tells everything and even the reason why she did it. Taylor finds out about this and tells her about her support group and eventually forgives Samantha. They went back to school together and suddenly Lindsay ( Nastassia Markiewicz ) and Becca ( Ronda Louis-Jeune ) said something about them Taylor didn’t ignore and stand up for herself in front of other people. Taylor, Samantha, Cheyenne, Caleb, and Scott all stand up against Lindsay. Lindsay eventually backs down from cyber bullying and Kris received a call from the reporter and told her that  a law is passed to help fight against bullying.



I cried on this movie. I was touched by the story and it is great. You just can’t imagine that it will be your best friend that can do something bad against you. She is a great actress and she handled herself well in the movie. It’s good that there are support groups and a law can help about cyber bullying. Here in the Philippines last September 2012 a law was recognized and it is called ” Cyber Crime Prevent Act”. It is good because it can help people from cyber bullies. In the movie, I observed that there is lack of communication between parents and their children so I guess you need to have a time with other to talk about everything. Do not be afraid to tell what you feel and what someone did something to you.There are people who will save and help you. Killing yourself is not a solution. Your life is precious. PLEASE STOP BULLYING!







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