Perfect Sisters ( Movie Review )


Yesterday, I watched another movie and it is a crime-thriller movie led by Abigail Breslin as Sandra Andersen and Georgie Henley as Elizabeth “Beth” Andersen. This movie was released 2014 and it was based on a true story of Bathtub Girls, the teenage Mississauga sisters who in 2003 killed their alcoholic mother was based on the book “The Class Project: How to Kill a Mother” by Bob Mitchell. I was curious about because while checking it on YouTube the movie views have more than a million views. So I tried to download the movie and watched it.

The Story:



The story of sisters that planned to kill their mother. Start of the story their are flashbacks when they were young and they are in the car and transferring to a new apartment. Beth and Sandra love to imagine about a perfect mother for them. Their mom got a new job at  hospital but she became addictive to alcohol and Beth is the one checking her. Linda met Steve (James Russo) , an abusive man in their life. He tried to abuse Beth like threatening her and touching her. One day, they plan to kill their mother because they had enough of her and they know that if their mom died they will have $100,000. They asked help from their friends and they gave them things that they can use on the murder. On the day of the murder, they gave her a mixture of vodka and pills she had been given. Linda (Mira Sorvino ) was also given six Tylenol 3 tablets by Beth and Sandra, to slow down her heartbeat. Sandra and Beth then waited for the drugs to work. While waiting, the sisters communicated with their friends online.Sandra and Beth filled the family bathtub with water and took their mom to the bathroom. At first Sandra let her mom relax on the bathtub and gave their mother a massage. Beth told Sandra to put on the gloves and pushed her mother’s head down and did not let go. After four minutes, Sandra released her mother’s head and found Linda to be dead. After having killed their mother, Sandra and Beth went with their friends to a nearby restaurant where they celebrated but Sandra is uncomfortable about it. They went back to their house and called up 911 and acted that their mother died in the bathtub.  It appeared the 44-year-old alcoholic, having slipped into a booze-and-pill stupor, drowned in her own bathwater. The death was ruled accidental by the authorities. They stayed with their Aunt Martha ( Rusty Schwimmer ) and the girls were happy about the news. Sandra and Beth partied a lot and go out with friends. One night, Sandra was really drunk and she said something about killing someone to Donny ( Stephan James) and he sent group messages about it. Sandra said something to David ( Jonathan Malen ) that the cause of their mother’s death was not an accident. David  was curious about it he tried to wired himself and they recorded about Sandra’s confession. They were called in the hearing but first they were given a house arrest. Sandra was guilty about it and tried to commit suicide on their bathroom. Beth let her vomit the pills that she took. Detective Santiago Gates ( Zak Santiago ) had a search warrant and took a lot of evidence in the murder. One of their friends Ashley ( Zoë Belkin ) became a witness as well as Justin ( Jeffrey Ballard ). The evidences and the witnesses are so strong that the sister pleaded guilty. They were sentence 10 years imprisonment and they were separated. The sisters cried and lastly there is a flashback of the memories with their mom when they were young.



I like story and I love crime thriller movies. I’ve never heard about this incident. The lead actresses are great and they’re acting skill rocks! I researched about this story and I read about the incident and they were teenagers. Good thing in the end the realized what they’ve done but the problem is they can’t replay the past. I think that even if your parents pisses you off as children you have to understand why are they like that. You need to broaden up your mind and always remember without them you are not living here in this world. I am not judging the sister but they should try to reach out more to others so someone can help them about their mom’s situations. They could at least asked help from centers, groups or organizations that can help about Alcoholism.


” Love your parents and treat them with loving care. For you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.”


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