Christmas Season


Today, December 24th and it’s Christmas Eve. I am just excited for it. I already received presents and I usually open it exact 12AM. I just feel bad because nowadays I am not blogging about LDR. I have a lot of thoughts and try to write it down but can’t finish it. Too bad… I promise to do it after December. Busy days especially at work. I don’t want to write about negative now. I am just happy that it Christmas 2015 and I will be celebrating it with Nigel and my mom. I will be sending Nigel my present on January. It’s a secret yet but I am crossing my fingers that he will like it.

For me, Christmas Season is the best. You can spend time with family and friends. Giving and receiving gifts. Shopping. Busy streets. Singing Christmas songs. Christmas parties. I am bitter with Winter Christmas i love it especially when I am watching Christmas movies. Celebrating Christmas here in the Philippines is festive. I usually spend time with my mom because the next day she has work and we do bonding time together.

How about in you how do you celebrate Christmas? Share it with me.

Enjoy your holiday.. Love you all ♥


                              from DEE and NIGEL with love ♥♥♥


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