LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 55,56,57,58,59))


Day 55: What is the most interesting thing your partner has ever told you?

I think the day when he told me that he will visit me in the Philippines. I thought it was this year then he confirmed it that it will be next year.

Day 56: Do you watch the same television shows? Which ones? Have you watched them together, or would you like to?

We have different tastes of shows but I am interested with “Family Guy”. Yeah there was a time that we watched it together he let me see his favorite scenes in there.

Day 57: What is the most important thing in a relationship to you?

For me, TLC should be there. Trust, Love and Communication these are important. If one is missing the relationship won’t work well.It doesn’t matter if your close distance of long distance relationship. 

Day 58: What makes you feel better about the distance when you’re down about it?

When I see and talk to him on Skype especially when he assuring me that we will be together for a long time and he will see me soon.



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