LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 60,61,62,63,64,65,66))


Day 60: Where do you see your relationship in 5 years?

Close the distance and we are together as family. He will stay here in the Philippines for good.

Day 61: Describe your dream date!




Along the seashore with a campfire just you and him. Star Gazing if you are camping or maybe at the beach. Talking about everything and listening to mellow music.

Day 62: Does your partner still give you butterflies?

Yes, If he is looking at me the feeling is so different and it seems like I’m blushing.

Day 63: Do you play any games together? If so, which ones? If not, why?

We downloaded before but we deleted it. For now, we are just messaging and do video calls.

Day 64: Do you think your partner has a good sense of style? Would you change anything about how he/she dresses?

He is just simple when it comes to fashion. Jeans and T-Shirts are fine. I don’t want him to change. As long as he is comfortable wearing it’s okay with me.

Day 65: What is something you two always say to each other?

Besides, the “I Love You”. We always tell each other that we will be together soon and share happy moments. We always tell each other to never give up in our relationship.

Day 66: Have either of you ever made dinner together (in person or over video chat)? What was it? If not, would you ever? What do you think you would cook?

We did. I think he cooked curry and I cooked Adobo ( Filipino dish ). We promise each other that when we are together we will cook to each other. I am not really a good cook but definitely I’ll try to cook more Filipino dishes for him.


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