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I am a member of LDRBN and we have a monthly stats challenge. This challenge is to help us boost and monitor our blog stats and also we can discuss our blog’s progress.  It serves as a good reminder for us to keep track of our blog’s monthly statistics, to determine what causes the decrease and the increase of our blog’s daily statistics, and to come up with possible and helpful ways to increase traffic.

We started last October 2015. This was my stats that month.


I was grateful because I am happy that there are people who are reading and appreciating my posts. At first, I am not monitoring my stats because it’s fine with me if they will read my posts or not. Time goes by I am a little conscious about my stats that sometimes it decreases. So for the next month I promise to be more active in writing.

November 2015 Stats


I was satisfied with it and i can’t believe it especially the views. I can’t believe that I posted 72 on that month. It was a blast. My ideas are working and progressing.

December 2015 Stats


Last month I only posted 55 but I love the views it’s higher especially the visitor. I am happy with my achievement and it’s really good that in LDRBN we are checking our stats weekly and monthly.


I am conscious about my stats so per week I tried to check my stats. I am very happy with the results. Having monthly stats or checking monthly stats can help a lot so you can know what to do on your blog so it will progress more in the future.



I am just enjoying writing since I started blogging and joining LDR community. They help me a lot. One of my friend there asked to give tips or pointers to increase blog stats. Before I achieve it I tried to research what to do to increase traffic on blogs and I think it helps me a lot.  Below I will share what I did to achieve it:

  1. Participate in a community. Like me I participated in LDRBN and the members they are checking my blogs.
  2. Use Social Medias. My blog is linked to my Google+, Twitter and I also made a Facebook page for my blog. These should be on Public viewing so others can check it.
  3. Write more blog posts. Do not focus only to one section you have to explore more. If you like fashions, movies,books and foods you can do reviews. If you like to travel you share it. You can also write short stories or poems.
  4. Use the Right Tags. Checking my blog posts there are times that I can have a lot of views and likes. So, while reviewing the tags on my blog you can see how they can view your posts.
  5. Share your TOP lists. It can be anything. Movies, songs, foods, places etc,.
  6. Comments and Likes. If someone comments on your post you have to reply back too. Try to check your reader feed. Like and Comment to other posts.
  7. Include Photos and Gifs. It can be interesting to the person that is reading your post. It can make your post look nice and creative.
  8. Have a Questions and Answers or do Challenges. This is exciting for your followers and others. Let them participate on this post so you can have connection with them.
  9. Link some of your Old Posts. If you writing posts try to link old posts on your blog. Linking some posts can help because they can read it,too.
  10. Have a Guest Post. This is nice. I already done twice. I am planning to do it more soon. This can help because they can read your blog posts on your guest blogs and the other way.

I hope this can help. These tips and pointers I already tried and tested but some I tried to check it online. All in all just write and write. If you already have ideas you can write it down and saved it as drafts if you cannot finish it. If you are ready to finish your post just go back and finish it.

Can you give me more tips on how to boost stats on blogs?

Thank you for reading.



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