January ( My Monthly Goals )


It’s a New Year and more goals to achieve. This is the best year for me oh yes! I still have my long term goals and still waiting for it. Here are my monthly goals this month:

My housing loan is too long to achieve and until now and I am patiently waiting it and fix some important requirements because the one that is needed is too long to give me so I have to request again .We will talk again to the person that is helping us with our housing loan because we need to be very sure about it.

The white spots that I have are fading but I am still hesitating to post my bare face online but nowadays, I am trying to lessen down my make-up. Just give me enough time to be confident to post my bare face. I tried to post it on my Instagram account but just side part only. Less make up for this month.

About my blog, I am happy of the progress and last month Stats increases and I am very with the help of my friend Diana for checking our stats weekly. But for the month of December I thought that the goal that I want won’t be achieved but I achieved it. Thank you. Lately, I haven’t been posting about LDR so this month I will do my best to write more and my goal is 4 – 5 posts in a month with different blog prompts.

For saving up, I am still working on it. I am being thrifty this year and I deposited some of my money on the bank. I guess this month I am planning to buy a laptop for blogging and future use. I have to save up more and I am also preparing for Nigel’s visit here.

This is the year that I am waiting for. This month Nigel is doing many things like preparing for the injections for the health insurance requirements. He will buy plane tickets this month, too. This is our 11th month and I am happy that we will be in our 12th next month. I am just lucky that we met.

I really want to achieve these goals and patience should be there. I know there are times that it will be difficult to achieve but I am willing to go for it.

What are your goals this month?

Share and thanks for reading.

xoxo ♥



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