LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 67,68)



Day 67: Share a cute story!!

Once a upon a time there’s a woman who doesn’t believe in “Love”. After the pain and hurt that she has been thru she want’s to give up. Her friends and family told her to love again and the right man will be there in the right time. One day, she let herself be open and tried to be part of social medias. While she was checking every guy suddenly she saw this profile. A profile of a handsome English guy.She got interested and added him up. They chatted and the guy asked her to do a video call. The woman was hesitant to do it because she knows that he won’t like her.The day comes and they did video call and she was surprise that the guy is super handsome but not talkative. As time pass by, they became friends and end up lovers. They are much in love with each other and their relationship became stronger even they are thousand miles apart. The best part is the guy will visit and wants to see her in person. It will be soon and they will share more memories together. The woman realized that love is real and true. She felt it with the man that she truly loves and loves her back. They may be two worlds apart but their hearts beat as one.Don’t Give Up on Love. Hurt and Pain will heal your heart but Love will stay FOREVER!

Day 68: What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had together?

For me, my embarrassing is when he tried to correct my mistakes especially my pronunciation of words or sometimes my sentences. If can’t answer back he suddenly he will laugh at me. He is the bulliest bf ever.

For Nigel, I guess his Tagalog pronunciation and sometimes his English accent. I tried mimicking him it’s cute but I always make fun of it.



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