To Bring or Not to Bring


We love to travel especially if we are with our significant others. I am in a long distance relationship so traveling is the best memory. The question is: Are you ready for packing up? Traveling is great but packing up things is not easy for us especially me. I admit it! I am not good at packing up and I am so happy that some of my long distance friends posted some of things that are needed if you travel. It is 2016 and it’s a new year and I know it’s like eight months to go and Nigel is here. I take note of the things to bring when I travel with him. For now, I am trying to look for places where we can go and things that we can do together. I am not pressuring myself but I feel anxious about it. If I go on trip, I usually want to bring all my things because I think those are important and I can’t leave without it. So there are times, I bring a back pack, a sling bag and my hand bag. I will complain a lot of times because it’s too heavy. Even if it is only an overnight stay but still I bring a lot. My mom always telling me to bring only stuffs that are important and well for me I think all of the things that I put in my bag are important. Like they always say “Bring Less”. These are based on my experiences and the articles that I read. On this blog post, I will share the do’s and don’t for packing and what not to bring or to bring when you travel.


  1. Do not bring all the stuff that you use for beauty routine and personal things. We need to be pretty if we are with our significant other. We all girls love our beauty stuffs but always remember just bring the beauty stuffs that is important like :
  • BB or CC cream
  • Moisturizer ( high SPF )
  • Face Powder
  • Lip or Cheek Tint
  • Shampoo and Conditioner and Comb
  • Facial Cleanser and Cotton
  • Lip Balm
  • Napkin ( in case of emergency for red days ) and Tissue
  • Wet wipes
  • Fragrance Mist

It is better to put that on a pouch where all of it can be in one pack. If you have  zip lock you can try to separate some of it. Try to put a name on it so it’s easier for you to find it.


  1. Do not bring too many clothes. The reason is it can make your luggage beyond the limit. If you think the clothes are not needed so don’t bring it up. Make a list of the clothes that you needed on your travel. Since we will have a trip for almost a week. I have my list below :
  • (4) t-shirts
  • (5 or 6) underwear (bras and panties : they said it’s better to have disposable panties)
  • (2) shorts
  • (3) skirts
  • Towel
  • (5 or 6) handkerchiefs
  • (2) small towels
  • (2 or 3) no sleeves shirts (can wear at night)

One of my LDR friend suggested on how to the rolling pack so it can help you save some space. I want to learn about it because I am not good at it. If not you can try the vacuum pack so it will be easier for you. It depends on you how you can save up some space on your luggage.


  1. Do not pack jewelries and valuable things. If you have important jewelry you can leave it behind because it’s not necessary. If you are fashionista, you can find ways and look for not so expensive jewelries. If you will bring important things you should know and be sure that the hotel that you are staying is safe and be sure to keep it on a safe box.


  1. Do not pack gadgets that are not necessary. Gadgets are important but you need to bring only the gadgets that are important. Try to be careful with your gadgets and you need to have a separate pouch for it so it’s easy to find. I list down below that are needed:
  • Personal Mobile Phone
  • Chargers
  • Extra batteries ( camera and mobile phone)
  • Power bank
  • Tablet or Notebook
  • Camera
  • Headset or Earphones


  1. Bring medicines and first aid kits. You have to bring these because these are important. For me, I have asthma so I really need to bring my medicine. I am planning to buy a handy nebulizer just in case. You should buy medicines for dizziness, headache, stomachache, muscle pain, acidity, sneezing and cough. I have a medicine kit and I always bring that wherever I go.

These are things that I think you need to bring if you go on a trip. If you think there are some items that are not needed you can lessen down your lists. Always remember not to bring much. Remember if how much you will pay if you have excess baggage. Bring important things. Lastly, buy some souvenirs if you travel. Enjoy everything and make happy memories together.


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Storyteller. “


This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : PACKING

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