LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 71,72,73)



Day 71: How do you cheer him/her up when his/she is sad?

Usually, he gives me advises to be more positive about life. If am not in the mood to talk about it he just let me cry and not to talk about it and he tells a joke.

Day 72: What are some gifts you’ve given your partner, and what has he/she given you?

I gave him bracelets and a card. He gave me a card. Last birthday he sent me a bouquet of roses,chocolates and a teddy bear.

Day 73: What would be the breaking point that would make you end your relationship?

I don’t want to think about break ups because it’s not necessary. If two people are in love and willing to be together for a long time it’s their decisions. There are many things that you can enjoy if you are in a relationship


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