Dreaming of Winter


I know it’s little late to post this. Been thinking about posting this or not.I am living in a tropical country and sad to say we only have two seasons: wet and dry seasons. When I was young I was dreaming of Winter Christmas. Seeing snowflakes falling and touching your palms and cheeks are so nice to see and feel. I love Christmas and I love watching Christmas movies. I want to go to countries that has winter season but the time at work is terrible and I cannot have a good timing for it. I know that some of my friends are living in countries that have four seasons and I get jealous because they can experience different weathers especially spring and winter. I used to have a snow globe and I love to shake it and just looking at the snow falling but too bad it was gone. Playing snow balls and making snow man those are on my list if I get a chance to experience it. I know that some of friends told me that winter is not really fun because it’s too cold and there are times the snow is too thick. You have to wear thick clothes or maybe just stay in the house. Why is winter season affecting me this much? I do feel that I will be very happy if I can experience it. I am crossing my fingers that 2 or 3 years from now I will experience it. Here in the Philippines there is a city that has a cool weather. It is called the city of Pines. The temperature there the lowest can be 12 degrees and the highest can be 25 or 26 degrees. Usually, if it’s summer here Filipinos go there to cool and chill down in there. The problem is there are a lot of people in the park even the tourist spots. The name of the city is Baguio. If you’re there you can visit strawberry farms, mines view park and the mansion (it is the house of the President in the Philippines). I think everyone can enjoy especially foreigners. Probably Nigel and I will visit there too.

I will share about the things that couples can do on winter dates especially if they are together.

For Outdoors activities:

You can go ice skating.

You can go to Public Sauna together.

You can hit the slopes.

Build a snowman.

Play snowball fights.

Go shopping (Sales at the mall)

Make snow angels with your friends and family.

For Indoor activities:

Bake cookies or muffins and share with families and friends.

Drink a cup of coffee or chocolate drink with marshmallows

Warm bath

Curl up under a blanket and just be lazy

Decorate room or house for Christmas.

Playtime and bonding time with family or friends

Here’s what I have in mind (for LDR couple)

Plan Skype Dates with your special someone.

Cook for your special someone.

Let him see how you celebrate Christmas and New Year in your country.

Prepare for Christmas package for your partner. It is better if he can use it on winter season ( if they have winter season)

Try to make or edit videos or photos of your celebrations.



If you have more on your lists you can do it together. I know that there are times we can’t do it in a long distance relationship but we can make ways on how we can celebrate it together. You can cook for your special someone; you can do a coffee or chocolate drink date. Christmas season is the best so you have to make most of it if you are together. This year I do hope for couples in LDR just enjoy the moments together or even apart.


“Something about the winter just makes you want to fall in love.”



This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : WINTERWISHES

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