Beauty Trends 2016 ( my choice )

I am a fan of beauty. I love watching videos of people doing there make up. I am lucky to have friends that are good in doing make up and they are teaching me on how to apply this and that. While at work, I tested my friend’s dark red lipstick and I think it fits me. I am starting to change pink to red this 2016. I ordered a red lipstick to my co-worker and I will review about this once I have it. I tried to look for make up trends this year and check what will suit me. These lists are based on the articles that  I read online.


Experts said that blue eye shadow is a trend this year. You can use different shades of it and can make it simple or have smoky eyes. They already showcase the blue eye shadow trends in a fashion show. Checking online , an expert said that it can accentuate the eyes and giving a fun kick color. Below are the fun way to use the blue eye shadows :



Falsies are trend this 2016,too. You can try different designs or add up some diamonds or rhinestones below your eyes. They said it can help your eyes to have an intense look.



Red lipstick will never goes out of style. We can wear it anywhere or whenever we can. We use dark to bright red lipsticks. It can be glossy or matte type of lipstick.Whatever you want to wear.



I saw this lipstick used by the Kardashian and I tried to buy mine but I gave it to my friend because I have strong features so if I put it on my lip I look so different. This kind of lipstick will still be a trend this year if you just want to change the classic red thing. You can go ahead and try different kind of shades in the market.



Glossy look can be stylish this year. It can be used in your eyes, cheeks or even lips. Make up artists said that it can highlights every part of your face. It can make you look natural.



Hairstylist, Antonio Corral Calero said that he wants a real woman to recreate the look at home. They’ve come up on how to do knots and twist on hairs but still can look elegant. You can wear it whenever you want to, either high or low bun or pony tails.



In 2016,there are hair colors that will stand out. The trends for 2016, they said that if your blonde you will go darker this year and that’s what you called Bronde. Dip dyed hair. Ronze color is a trend,too and it is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown.Opal or Rainbow hair color if you want to experiment and make fun with your hair.

These are the trends that I read about beauty. Hope this can give you an idea. I am trying to choose in hair colors because mine was golden blonde I am thinking to go darker but I am not yet sure of it. Thanks for reading 🙂



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