Boyfriend is not an ATM

Last Saturday, I stayed at home. After watching my favorite noontime variety show I was intrigued with the next Filipino Drama titled “KARELASYON” (partner). This drama is about Relationships especially with different kinds of partners.That day, it was about a Filipina who fell for a Foreigner guy.


On first part of the story, they started sending messages and calling each other. Her mom noticed that her daughter is falling for a foreigner and told her not to let him go. After a few days, the foreigner went to the filipina’s house to visit her.Since he is there, the filipina’s mom offered to stay in their house because he doesn’t have any place to stay in. The filipina is working hard to give some money to her family. Her older sister is pregnant, her second younger brother doesn’t have work, the youngest is a college student and lastly her mom is a plain house wife. Since the foreigner stayed in their house, he is the one who pays for everything. Her brother tried to convince the foreigner to shopping. Suddenly, her older sister had miscarriage and the filipina was too shy to asked a favor to pay for the hospital bills. The foreigner doesn’t mind it at all because he is really in love with her.

One night, the mom told her to asked for money because they are have heavily in debts.She doesn’t want to because for her the foreigner helped them a lot especially with finances.She went to work and since she didn’t mention it to her boyfriend her mother talked to the foreigner and asked him about it. She also mentioned that if you really love my daughter you will do it. Day passed by, she kept on sending messages and calling her boyfriend but no one is answering. She was really angry to her family and became blunt about every thing.Later part, her boyfriend came back but he said sorry and he needed to go.She cried and asked him not to leave but he didn’t.When he opened the door, the mom was there and asked not to be mad at her daughter because she doesn’t have anything to do with it. He left them without saying goodbye.


I do agree with the drama. There are some relationship especially interracial relationship involves about Money. Sometimes here in the Philippines some people have the same situation as the drama. My ex was an American but I’ve never asked money from him and even now with Nigel. Before, Nigel and I got very serious with each other we cleared about the financial thing. Nigel was blunt to tell me that if I am after with his money I got the wrong guy because he doesn’t have any and he won’t give anything. I told him that I am not after his money because I can support myself and I have work. Not all filipinas want money from foreigners. We also have our own even if it’s not much but it’s ours. I chatted a guy from Netherlands before and we became friends and he told me that he likes a filipina because she’s nice and pretty but the problem is the woman is asking for money exchange for nude photos.I just shook my head and told him to stop chatting with her. It’s not good. Almost foreigners think that Filipinas only want money or visa from their boyfriend but it’s not true. There are some that are asking for love and real relationship.

It’s not love if money is involve. Why do you ask money from them? I always picture ahead that if I ask money or if they give me money there are replacement with the money. I would never want to risk it. I remembered that one of my co-worker asked me why Nigel isn’t sending money to me because her sister’s boyfriend is sending? I told her that why?Why will he send me his money?I was so angry with her. Nigel is not my ATM. I don’t need his money I have mine. And I walked away. I just don’t understand some people here that if they see foreigners their eyes shines brightly with money signs. Relationship won’t stay long if you are after only for money. One time, I saw a foreigner and he is a beggar and the reason why he became like that it’s because his fiance left him after she got all what she needed from him. It’s heartbreaking to know about that story.



I think if you want to have a foreigner boyfriend don’t ask for anything especially money. If he tells you that he wants to send money learn to say NO. If he force you that he will send money once you receive it try to save it until you meet up. If your family is like that on the drama talk to them. Let them understand about it.Be clear with your intentions that you are after the relationship. Be blunt and be real.It’s better if your conscience is clear. Be in love with him not his money.

Do you know anyone that has the same situation as on the drama? Did you try to give to that person? What do you think is the best solution for it?

Thanks for reading 🙂





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