STOP REASONING! ( Money Matters )


I am guilty. It’s really sure. 100 percent. Certain. No doubt. Even if I am embarrassed by it but I will be honest I am not good when it comes to handling money. I like spending more than saving so that’s why on my bank account sometimes or mostly I’ve got nothing. I tried stopping myself from buying things that I don’t need but I can’t stop. My mom is scolding me a lot of times because of that reason. Last year was no good for me when it comes to financial matters. While having my long vacation, it popped in my mind that if I want to earn more I have to spend less and budget my money. I don’t want to promise because I might be disappointed. I asked advises to my friends and tried to read articles on how to save money. I know it’s hard but I do believe in myself that I can do it. I just need discipline. There are times that I feel envious because they can discipline themselves and they can stop. One of my resolutions this year is to “Save more, Spend less”. I know there are a lot of temptations but I have to stop. Nigel will visit me this September so I have to prepare enough money when we go on a trip together. I will be quitting my job because he will stay here for 3 weeks. This is a tough decision for me but I have to. It’s just beginning of the year and I tried to deposit some of my money on my bank account and that’s a good thing for me. There are some question hanging: Why is it difficult to save some money? Even if you have work and you get paid and have your salary why isn’t it enough? Why?

Life itself is too much. Expenses are everywhere. You’re working so hard and on your salary day your money just passes by you so quickly. When you check your wallet it’s all gone. Yes, we are guilty of it saving money is difficult but if are positive you can make a way like the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way”.

We have a lot of reasons why we can’t save money and I will list down some of it.


I HAVE A LOT OF EXPENSES. You can find a solution for this problem. Lessen down. List down things what you need from what you want and check what your priority is. Asked yourself: What are the things that I needed? Avoid impulsive buying. It’s like think before you spend. If you really want to save money, it will be a long term goal but you will surely benefit from it.

I AM NOT USED TO SAVING UP. We all know that it’s difficult to let ourselves do the practice of saving. But I guess it’s not difficult if you willing to do it. If you really want to be financially well, you need to start learning new good habits and unlearn bad habits. If you’re not used in saving money well it’s not the end of the world to save up now like right now. Just think about your future.

SALARY IS NOT ENOUGH. Nowadays, our expenses are getting higher. Clothes, Foods, Bills and etc., while our salary is still the same. No increase just minimum. The question is: How can we save up if the basic needs that we have and our salary are not enough? Think.Think.Think. If you want to save up money it doesn’t matter if you have low or high salary. If you think about it if you have minimum wage salary  you can still earn the truth is the way you budget it and handle your money wisely.

DEBT.. MORE DEBTS. We already know that it’s difficult to save up if we have a lot of debt. You don’t know when to start paying it. All you have to do is discipline and tell yourself that STOP! Let go of your debts but of course you have to pay all of it first so there won’t be any problems.

DON’T KNOW HOW TO START SAVING UP. This is the most difficult one. There are a lot of things to try. There are some people who deposit their money on the bank, some have their piggy bank, some invest their money in stocks and some tried to make investment by having their business. If what think will be best for you go for it. If it’s difficult for you can ask others about saving up money.

We have a lot of reasons and sometimes very negative about saving up. It’s like me. I list down the reasons that I always say to myself if I am having a hard time saving up. ” I know it’s not working and it’s bad “.( Pessimistic side of me! ) I promise to myself to be wise now when it comes to saving up. I am starting and hoping that it won’t end. I know I can do it. Don’t just say “I will try” but of course you need to have actions,too. I read this saying “Saving is a discipline. It’s more than just a habit; it’s a conviction and a commitment”.

Thank you for reading.



“Saving a SMALL amount soon builds up to a large amount.”

    Scottish Proverb –


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