LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 83,84,85,86,87)


Day 83: What do you enjoy about being in a long distance relationship?

I am enjoying  our Skype dates and our crazy stories we share.

Day 84: If suddenly, you could be with your partner for the next three hours, what would you do together?

Cuddle time and try to go on a date together.

Day 85: If you had to describe to someone what being in this type of relationship is like, what would you tell them?

I don’t recommend being in LDR because it’s really tough relationship. You have to be strong and willing to take risks with everything.

Day 86: What do you hope the future holds for the both of you?

I do hope that we won’t change and be in love with each other every single day. Won’t be bored and never give up on this relationship.

Day 87: What are at least five things you really want to do together when you see each other in person?!

  1. Travel Together
  2. Take a lot of photos together ( we don’t know when will we see each other again)
  3. Have a date ( on a beach )
  4. Cuddle Time
  5. Meeting my mom and bonding time together



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