My Top Three Favorite Posts ( LDRBN )


I am a member of Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network. In our community we write about our LDR with our partner. Our community is great because you can meet others that have the same situation as mine. The people there are friendly and nice. LDRBN is growing because we have a lot of members and more to join.

I am happy to be part of our community because I learn a lot about being in a long distance relationship. They share their stories and can get advises,too. I plan to feature on my blog my top favorite posts in our community and I will link their site so you can check it out. I will choose a PROMPT in our community and share the posts here.  I will post weekly so you can read more about it ( I will include mine,too hahaha 😛 )

This week —>



This is short and sweet note to the people that supported her on her LDR relationship and thankful to the guy that she love most.


On her post, she is very thankful to her boyfriend for everything in their relationship it can be bad or good.

EmilyMarrying your partner is the best feeling and on her post she is thankful that even if they are in LDR they are really happy. She is complete for having her love of her life with her.


On this blog prompt I wrote two posts 🙂





  1. What are you thankful on your relationship?
  2. Can you share a thankful message for your special someone?


If you interested and want to join LDRBN visit our site :  CLICK ME

write DEE as your referrer.

Thank you for reading 🙂  Have a great day!

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