LDR Challenge Questions ( Day 88,89,90)



These are the last questions for LDR challenge and I am happy that I completed it. For next month I have another challenge to answers. If you have any suggestions or advises just let me know.


Day 88: If you had to promise one thing to your significant other right now, what would that be?

 ” I swear that I will stay with you no matter what happen. I am not just your girlfriend but I will be your best friend, supporter and life time partner. “

Day 89: Have you guys ever talked about your future together? What was the conversation like?

Yes we do. He wants to transfer here in the Philippines. It’s so easy for him to decide because he is organize.

Day 90: Congratulations for completing this thing for 90 days!! Good on you. For the last question, what advice would you give to other couples?

Do not be afraid to be in love and be hurt. If you know and feel that he is the right one for you do not let that person go. Problems and Arguments are part of relationship. Talk and Understand each other. Give space if needed. Be positive and stay from negative vibes and people. Just Stay happy and in love.


Until next challenge. Thanks for reading 🙂 Love you all ♥


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