Blog Stats Review ( January 2016 )


Hello! I am Dee and I am a member of LDRBN and we have Monthly Stats Challenge. This challenge is to help us boost and monitor our blog stats and also we can discuss our blog’s progress.  It serves as a good reminder for us to keep track of our blog’s monthly statistics, to determine what causes the decrease and the increase of our blog’s daily statistics, and to come up with possible and helpful ways to increase traffic.

We started checking our stats last October 2015 and it’s nice to monitor weekly because we can challenge ourselves to post more in our blog. We can share more posts to others.





I am very happy with the progress of my blog because I gain more followers and readers. It added like 20 – 30 % on views, 100+ visitors added. I promise to do well this month. I think posting everyday and sharing it on social media can help a lot. I already have my goals on my blog this month and I hope you guys can participate. Last time, I posted tips and pointers to boost blog stats :


You can read this post and you can know what I did to boost blog stats. Thank you very much to all of you who followed me, read my posts, liked and commented on my posts. You’re all supportive.

Wait for my “My Monthly Goals” for this month. We will have fun this Love Month.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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