Day 1 : 30 day Music Blog Challenge


I am done with my LDR challenge and I tried to look for another challenge this month, Good thing I found this challenge. I am music lover and I will enjoy this game. This challenge was sent to me by my friend on messenger she was the one who started it for my LDR challenge. She looked for the perfect challenge for me this month. I am accepting her challenge to me 🙂


There are 30 challenges (questions) and of course I need to answer it and explain why I choose that song. The favorite lyrics of the song.

DAY 1 : A Song That Describes YOU


REFLECTION – Christina Aguilera

When I heard this song from the movie “Mulan” I got attached to it. I think it describes me a lot because there are times I am still hiding from a mask. I am a happy person outside but inside I am not really. In love, I am complete but there are still missing in other aspects of my life.  I just can’t explain it all in here but there are parts of my life that are needed to be hidden. I feel so strong but there are times I am weak. It’s about family matters. I am open to Nigel whatever he may asked about my past.



Do you have a song that describes you? What is it?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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