February ( Love Month ) Goals


Another month and new goals to make. For the last months, I posted about my long term goals I was kinda disappointed because the application that I am waiting is still hanging because it’s not yet available. So, this month I’ll have short term goals. Last month, as I promised I posted a bare face of mine on Instagram and I am happy that white spots on my face are fading. I already bought a laptop and I am happy about it because I can use it for blogging and look for part time job online.



It’s love month and Nigel and I will celebrate One year anniversary this month. I do hope that these goals that I will list down will work and be fine. I do need support from you guys with some of my goals. Here are the lists that I have:

  • I will ask for LOVE NOTES from my friends and other couples and I’ll be featuring it on my blog. ( of course I will have mine,too. ) I can’t wait to do it. I’ll post it weekly.
  • Since, I am done with my challenge last month and I will have a new challenge to do this month.
  • My blog posts every month will be 3-4 posts with different prompts. I will take this challenge because it can help me with my writing skills that I can use for the future.
  • I am happy that I am saving money now and use my money wisely. It’s tough but I am trying to stay away from the temptations. I already bought the things that I really want.
  • Nigel and I promise each other not to send something on our first anniversary so we promise to write a love letter to each other on the day of our anniversary.
  • Check stats of my blog weekly and do a monthly stats check,too.
  • It’s been a long time that me and my friends went out. Plan a date with friends this love month and have bonding moments. Look for places where we can have lunch or dinner date.
  • Be more positive and list down the things that I needed to do this year. Try to stay away from stressful things and people.


  I list down easy goals for this month and don’t pressure myself. I am a worrier and I stress myself easy so I decided to lessen it down. Just be happy and smile always.

How about you guys what are you goals this Love Month? Share it 🙂 Thanks for reading.


I already posted about the “LOVE NOTES for your SO” I hope you guys can participate 🙂 Click below to participate :




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