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I love reading blogs since then and I decided to do my own blog. Few years ago, one of my friends is a blogger and she writes about beauty and fashion since I am into it she asked me to write about my make up inspirations and nail arts. I was excited to do it but the bad thing is I gave up writing and blogging about it. I was thinking that maybe blogging is not for me because I got disappointed and I am lazy to write. Last year, I spotted my friend writing on her blog. She said that her blog is more like a journal. I mentionedΒ  that I was blogging before but I gave up my blog. She convinced me to write again but I asked her to give me ideas for my blogs. Since she knew that I am in a long distance relationship she said I try to write about it. I agreed with her and I look for a blog sites so I can maintain it. She said to try on WordPress and Blogspot but I chose WordPress and I didn’t regret my decision. Next step was the name for my blog. I tried to make at least so I can choose one . It was pinaymeetsbriton, nigelanddeelovestory and fromuktophilippineswithlove. I chose the last one because I really do feel that it fits on my blog. I started my blog last April 2015 and I introduced what my blog is about and I was happy because there are people that read and followed me. I never thought that I will be part of LDRBN. I was invited by Diana and at first I am afraid to be part of the community because I don’t consider myself a good writer and blogger. The first post that I wrote in LDRBN is in PRE-LDR prompt. I was happy because others liked it and I started chatting with some of the members and honestly, I am shy when I talk to them ( until now I think .. hahaha πŸ˜› ) they are nice people and fun to talk to. So until now I am still here blogging about my LDR and I tried to write more on my blog and more categories on it,too.




Being part of the LDRBN helped me a lot with my writing and blogging skills because I challenged myself to write, post , inspire and share my stories to others. I gain friends around the world and they are super nice to me ( LDRBN family and WordPress Pipz ). Just like I said I am not a good writer. I have a lot of grammar lapses especially with my sentences. But because of writing and posting on my blog I am beginning to be more conscious with my sentences and posts. I started gaining followers and almost all have the same in LDR or writing poetry. I am happy to get to know some people and ask about their relationship and stories. If I have random thoughts on my mind I tried to blog about it and it gives me idea what to write on my blog. Sharing experiences and stories can help others if they have the same feelings and experiences. These are the things that make me inspire more to write on my blog.



  • What are your inspirations on your blog?
  • Why do you enjoy blogging?
  • Any tips for better blogging?





This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : BLOGGING

If you interested and want to join LDRBN visit our site : JOIN HEREΒ 

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Proud Supporter Of LDRBN!



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