Love Notes for You <3


Hello everyone! It’s Monday and I am here at home being lazy because I don’t have work because it is a holiday. Before I continue my post in here I want to greet everyone


Last weekend, I received three emails for my ” Love Notes for You ❤ “. I edited some of the photos and letters so everyone can read it properly. I will post them today.

  • Hidden Feelings

    It’s so difficult to hide our feelings to someone especially if we know that we can’t say it personally. Like Mr. Anonymous love note for Terry.


  • Looking Forward

    Being in a LDR is tough but when we support each other and love each other truly can make us stay. It’s more exciting when we see each other in person. Like Glaiza she is very thankful for having Andy and looking forward to see each other soon. Cheers to the both of you!

    If you want to read more about them:



  • Knight and Shining Armour

    Being there for someone you love and to feel secured in the relationship is like having a knight and shining armour. Trina is happy and feel secure with her relationship with her babe. I do hope that they will still feel in love more and more each day.


I would like to thank these people for trusting in me and sharing their love notes. Love is really in the air. I feel emotional while reading the emails and the letter. I am sorry if I can share their email and the content of it for privacy of them,too.

I love you very much ❤

If you guys are interested to be part of this:





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