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February month of love and it’s on the 14th. It’s just an accident that I said “yes” on that day. All of us are excited to send and give gifts to someone special. Couples around the world are waiting for that day. Mark your calendars and we will celebrate with our partner. It can be close distance or long distance. Information when Filipinos celebrate Valentine’s Day we celebrate it bigger what I mean is example some restaurants here are offering a valentine’s special for couples and sometimes they give discounts. There are restaurants that offer menu and it is already set for Valentine’s Day and you can do an advance reservation for it, too. It is a big event here than any countries around the world. It is really a day for lovers. There are some contests held like last 2007 Philippines were held by the Guinness for having a world record for the most number of couples (6,124) kissing for 10 seconds. The event is called “LOVAPALOOZA” this is a yearly event where you can enjoy games, listening and jamming to Filipino singers and bands. The Philippines break the title of Chile that has 4,445 couples kissing.


DEE’s Thoughts :

Now, let’s go back to mine. I want it to be special but we talked about our plans for the anniversary. Nigel told me not to send a gift because it will be expensive and I have to keep it and give it to him when he is here. It sounds a good idea but I felt bad when he mentioned that he won’t send any for me. We talked about celebrating our anniversary when he is here and I do agree with it. He said that he will give me an extra special gift. It’s sweet and I am flattered with the effort. There are many popping things on my mind and excited about it. I have an idea what to give to him and it will be a WATCH with engraved of our initials and anniversary date. But there is still a thing that I am looking for and I don’t know what it is so I decided to ask my friends from LDRBN to ask suggestions what to give in this special day. Good thing they have the best ideas for it. I know that this prompt is how to celebrate it but I want to add ideas in here. On this post, I will be sharing what they shared to me on our community forum and I will list down unique gift ideas that I searched online and share the links where you can order or how to make it.



LDRBN Friends ideas :

Kaye – Maybe you could send him a care package. its a box wherein you could stuff things in it like sweets or letters or a mix of both. You can check out YouTube videos on how to make a care package for him.

Maddy – engraved pocket watch ,  I think for such a special occasion he may enjoy getting something that isn’t DIY that he could use

Tammy – promise rings. They weren’t too expensive, but it is a cute little reminder we get to wear of each other

Sofieyah – 52 reasons I love you (using a deck of cards and writing on each card why you love him/her)

– wrote a book about our relationship (I didn’t do this until 3rd year but for the future ;))

– wrote him a thoughtful letter (this may be a little underrated and perhaps lame for the first year but that’s what I did! I would also include polaroids of me with small messages on them)

– took him out for an experience (he and I don’t see each other during our anniversary because it’s during the school year, but buying him a ticket or a meal when you do see him and spending the time with him is something my SO finds invaluable)

Marissa – I always think that anything edible is a good idea. But maybe for such a big occasion, it would probably be best to pair something edible with something he could use. Like a watch with a box of chocolates. If you know of any games or movies/shows that he is a huge fan of, you could also get him nice merchandise for it.

Katie – wrote a heartfelt letter to him. And then before sending it to him, I made a video of myself reading the letter to him and I put it in the envelope,  sealed it with a kiss, and told him that I love him… this way, when he receives the letter, I will give him the video and I hope it will make smile knowing that I was holding and I kissed the same letter that he is holding when he reads it.

Ayat – Make a Video. FOR VIDEO: take a look at stop motion animation and RLS animation (draw my life sort of video)


Unique Gift Ideas


Ordering Online :

Photo Collage Mosaic – you can put lovely photos of you and your partner and make a bigger picture for the result.

Folded Book Art Pattern – You can have it personalized and try to have your name initials on it or maybe you can check more suggestions for this art.

Travel World Map – If you both love to travel you better check this one. I think it has free sticker and you both can stick what places have you’ve been to.

Eye Charts – This is like an eye chart style where you personalise your special dates and love expressions for your special someone

3D Wall Art Decor – Personalized it with the  your locations and you can put your special day and names.


Link : Etsy


DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) gifts

 I love you card –  you can write funny and romantic list

100 Reasons Why I Love You – If you have an empty jar or box at home. You can write in small paper and put in the box and jar. Try to tell your special someone to read it. To make it more special you can decorate the jar or box.

Wrap The Books –  if you are into reading you can try this idea. Buy his or her favorite books and wrap it up with some cartolina ( pink or red ) and you can personalize it with the word LOVE or you name initials. For cheesy result you can do a heart origami as bookmark

Message In A Bottle – If you have empty small jars. you can write down a cheesy message for your special.

Scrapbooks – Print out some photos and cut out some photos in a magazine or you can buy in a stationary department in a mall.

Tiny Mail Kit – I have a review on that and it can be a good gift to your special someone and you can enjoy making cute crafts for your partner.

Dee’s Review ( Tiny Mail Kit )


LinkTiny Mail Kit Site

Link : Pinterest


 I know that it is a long post but I hope I can give ideas what to give for celebrations of your anniversaries and valentines. Hope you check the links that I posted. Enjoy your valentines day.  Thank you much to my friends who gave an ideas for our first anniversary!



” I love you everyday not just Valentines Day.”


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