LDR Week Of Love

This Love month LDRBN community had a challenge for their members and one of them is you have to post it on Instagram.


I started this challenge last Saturday and I will share to you guys the photos that I posted:


DAY 1 : Something RED



My RED Lippie and Nails


DAY 2 : Your Fave Photo



These are my crazy friends. We really love taking photos and do crazy stuffs. 😛


DAY 3 : Heart Shaped



You will see this soon. These photos should be a secret but I don’t have a choice. It’s cute ♥


DAY 4 : An Instagram Memory



This is ME. I posted this 195 weeks ago. This is one of my first photos.


DAY 5 : Hand Writing



I don’t have a good penmanship especially doing lettering stuff. I tried my best 🙂


DAY 6 : Tag Your True Love



This is the day that I am a little worried about because I have to TAG him and since he doesn’t have any social sites account I just use the Hashtag.


DAY 7 : Something Spicy



This is a fun day because I don’t know what to eat or do here but good thing I saw my favorite chips and so lucky that it’s spicy hahahaha 😛


Instagram Challenge is fun… You can try this,too. It suits for Love month.

You can follow me on Instagram : deeinlovewithnigel


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