Our First Anniversary ( 14.02.2016 )

Last Sunday, Nigel and I celebrated our first year anniversary. Oh,yes everyone it was “Valentines Day” ( cheesy day ❤ ). It’s just a simple day for the both of us. We promised each to write an online love letter because I am super excited I already wrote it like a week ago. I was concerned about him because he is not used to write love letter because it is not his thing. Every Sunday, Nigel goes out with his friends and yep he went out that day but it didn’t bother me. I made 2 videos ( quite a lot ) the other one I posted on my Instagram (deeinlovewithnigel) account  but the other one I wanted to post it on YouTube but he doesn’t want to so I told him I posted it on my Facebook account ( but my fb account is private ). I sent the online love letter the next morning. Good thing he was sleeping that time. He messaged me on Viber that he didn’t make a love letter because no power last night ( this time I was a disappointed! ). I went on Skype and he greeted me ” Happy Anniversary,hun! ” with that rare smile and he is sorry for the love letter but while we are having a conversation he was focusing on doing something :


I should be mad but I guess not he said he is writing for me. And after 20-25 minutes of waiting:


Jackpot! Oh yeah!!! What’s on this letter but he was so naughty did you see the seal I have to touch it 500 times…. I know..it’s annoying but fun. He said he changed the seal. RAWR!!! ( The letter is private ..sorry everyone ❤ ) I cried and felt his love on the letter. He is the only guy that makes my heart melts and I am always emotional whenever he is sweet to me. Urgh!!!


Even though we are far from each other we will celebrate it all soon. September till October will be the best months ever. Can’t wait to share it with guys ❤ Here are some photos I secretly screenshots while we were in our Skype Dates. Click,click 🙂

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