Love Notes for You <3 ( Pt. 2 )


Sorry, haven’t been writing this I waited for some love notes and thank god there are still people who sent me their love notes even Valentine’s day is done.


  • Bellarke Fan

Being a fan can be great. There are times that we are addicted to especially with characters on it. The love story of the main characters can be applied to your relationship together. Something a like, something in common with OJ and Ging.




  • Your Love is my Interest

Being interesting in the relationship can give spark to the person you love. It means that person is learning from you. E loves his baby so much even she is nerdy type of girl.



  • Heart Melts for You

It’s a great feeling to be in love. Whenever you see him everything in you changes. His smile is the only thing in your mind and that’s what Milette feels for Ethan her heart melts whenever she is with him.


  •  All of You

A promise to someone you love is great because it means you will stay with him. For Joy being with her Mahal brings out the best in her.


  • Forever With You

Marriage is one of the things that women wanted in their life. Christina will marry her love soon. She is so excited for the day that they become as one.


I would like to thank these people for trusting in me and sharing their love notes. Love is really in the air. I feel emotional while reading the emails and the letter. I am sorry if I can’t  share their email and the content of it for privacy of them,too.

If you guys are interested to be part of this:



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