Visiting Day : First Meeting


I am so happy that I can post on this blog prompt now. This is just the first part of my posts and the rest will be soon. Good thing that I read the comments and it’s fine to share about the plans for the first visit.

We all know that there are lots of negative comments about long distance relationship. Some people tend to break you apart and will not support you. It seems that your both worlds are not good and sometimes you want to give up because the distance, time, trust and etc., are the biggest issues. We’ve been waiting for the right person to come in our life but that person is too far from you like miles away from you . There are times you have to give up something for your special someone. These are the negative sides in a long distance relationship. We are one of those couples that wants to see each other personally and to be with them. Planning for the right time, month and day to be with your partner and make happy memories together.

Today, I received good news from Nigel and he told me that he already booked a flight going to the Philippines. I still can’t believe it when I checked my Viber messages so earlier I cried when I read it. At long last he will be here and we will see each other for real. He will visit me on September this year and he said he will leave before 10PM on Saturday and he will arrive past 10PM in here on Sunday. He will have a stopover in Dubai and he will have a 17 hours flight from Gatwick Airport to the Manila, Philippines. That’s a very long time staying in the plane. He will stay here for three weeks. I do feel that this will be the best year for us.

On this post I will share what’s our plan for his visit here. Nigel is excited to be here but he is not too showy about his feelings. I asked him if he wants to travel  and he said its fine with him. We are looking for the places where to go when he gets here. Some of my friends recommended where to visit in here. Here are the things that we plan.


We plan to go to Boracay Island. This is famous for tourist because the beach and view is nice. Boracay Island is located in Visayas region. By plane, it will be 50 minutes Manila airport to Caticlan aiport and going to the island by boat it will take 20-30 minutes. I told him that my friend recommended a hotel if we go there. We can do a lot of things besides swimming. We can do island hopping, snorkelling, parasailing and ride a banana boat. Mostly the foods in there are seafoods. Lastly, if you like to party Boracay has the best party night outs for everyone.

Here is the insight of Boracay


Going to Iloilo (my birthplace). By bus, it will take 5 hours to get to Iloilo city. I tried to look for a hotel where to stay and I have one in mind (Injap hotel). I choose this because it’s affordable and it’s accessible to every place. It is in front of a mall, too. I do hope that I can visit my Aunt’s grave this time and meet some of my cousins and friends. I’ll let him eat the famous specialty in Iloilo (Batchoy) it is a noodle soup. Here is the insight of Iloilo.

Here is the insight of Iloilo City

Going to El Nido, Palawan. We are still thinking in going in here we need to check his schedules and time first. My friend told me to bring Nigel in here because it is famous to Foreigners and it’s very beautiful in here. Going there first you have to take by plane from Manila to Puerto Princesa. If you want to go to El Nido you have to take a mini jeep and it takes about 5 hours to get there. Don’t worry you won’t feel bored because the sights are great.

Here is the insight of El Nido, Palawan :


Meeting my Friends and Relatives. This is important to me before we travel. I mentioned it to him that I want him to meet my closest friends and relatives. He agreed to it. Nigel is not sociable so I will just meet the closest to me. He is not a celebrity but for some of my friends he is.

Trying and Eating Filipino Foods. I promise to cook for him when he is here. The first thing that he needs to eat is “Balut” It is a developing duck embryo (fertilized duck egg) that is boiled and eaten in the shell. He doesn’t want to eat it but he has no choice. (Evil laugh!!!). There will be more food to try on when he is here. If you are curious about our food I will link it here so you can check it out.

These are just the things that we plan. We aren’t sure yet about it maybe we will change our mind. I am hoping not. First visit is so special. I will surely take photos and videos and post it on my Instagram or Facebook account.

Thank you for reading. Much love to all of you.



“No matter how busy a person’s day might be. If they really care, they’ll always find a time for you.”


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11 thoughts on “Visiting Day : First Meeting

  1. Omg Dee! My Fiancé loves Boracay. We traveled by car to Caticlan from Roxas. I’m sure Nigel will love it too. Unfortunately for us, we only have a few days left to roam around since we went home because of my dad’s funeral. But still, it will be all worth it. I hope you’ll both have fun!

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