We Need To Be Strong


Long Distance Relationship is tougher relationship than close distance. There are many hindrance in long distance relationships. Sometimes, couples if they are in this relationship they break up and can’t continue their love. I do understand those reasons because I’ve experienced it and it wasn’t good. So if you want to be in long distance relationship think a million times and ask yourself if you are willing to risk many things. I am in Long Distance Relationship but I don’t suggests it to others. It’s not that I am making a bad image on long distance relationship but the reason is it’s better to be closer with your partner. You need to be strong if you are in LDR. On this post, I will give tips on how to keep your relationship despite the distance and even if you are in a close distance relationship.

  • Relationships have ups and downs. It means that it’s not always happy days for the both of you. There are times that problems and arguments are there. Always remember that you should be there for them whatever happens.
  • Give space. Problems may occur not in the relationship itself but individuality. If your partner wants time to think about his or her problem give them time. Don’t force them to tell you about it because it can lead to misunderstandings. You do care for them we all know that but let them be the first one to open it up to you.
  • It should be US and WE not I and YOU. You are in a relationship meaning two people are involve. Everything happen in that relationship is always WE. The problems that both person encounter is not for one person to solve it. Remember you are always be on it together.
  • Be positive. Negativity may be around you but you can shake it off all away. Try to focus on the brighter side of the relationship. Don’t let negativity stay in your relationship.
  • Allow yourself to be Open. You have to be honest on how and what you feel. Don’t be afraid to tell to your partner about your fears and everything about your relationship. Do not hide from them.
  • Have time for each other. It’s easy to understand. Dates and travels are the best thing to do. Have sometime to bond together.
  • Be a supportive partner. Supporting your partner is good with the relationship. It can be an emotional support. If your partner done something good you can at least commend or praise him or her.
  • Set Goals together. You cannot have a good relationship if you don’t have goals together. Try to make a list of the goals that you both have in mind. You should have to go in one direction together. Sometimes you can’t accomplish your goals together don’t feel bad about it remember that it’s a win-win situations.


Staying and being strong in the relationship can’t happen in one click. You have to do it. Actions are more important than words. One more thing don’t forget to say “I LOVE YOU” in any way you can. It can mean that you are always there for your partner. I hope that it can somewhat help you guys to have strength in your relationship.

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” The Best Relationships in our lives are the best not because they have been the happiest one, they are that way because they have stayed strong through the most tormentful of storms.”

– Pandora Palkilos –


This blog post was inspired by LDRBN’s blogging prompt : SELF-STRENGTH

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