Love Notes for You <3 ( Last day )


Today, is the last day of my Love Notes For You ❤ . I am so thankful to everyone who participated. I love the notes that you sent because it touched my heart. You are all in love it can be long distance or close distance. I know that Love Wins. February is really the month of love. This last posts I will share to you guys the love notes that I sent to him last time.


  • I Love You Miles Away

Loving someone from a far is a test if you are in long distance relationship but nothing can stop us if we are meant for each other. No matter what the distance is you are still going strong for each other. For Gibran her Habeby makes her complete. She very lucky to have him.


  • We Will Get It Through The Distance

It’s great having someone and loving that person. The obstacles in long distance are the worst but holding on in the the relationship makes you stronger and better. Just remember distance doesn’t matter at all. For Kaye she is willing to be with the person she loves and someday they will be closing their distance.


  • The Right Man

Finding the right guy is difficult and waiting for it makes it worse. Being part of the person you love most is the most fulfilling part. It’s been long time that I’ve waited for the right guy for me and I am lucky to have him.

Slide31 (1)


Thank you everyone! I am so happy that you guys participated and I am sorry for the late posts. Been busy with life. I Love You All ❤


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