Reasons Why I Love My English Man

I am in love … I know it’s true love … He is not just an ordinary guy  but he is my English Man … He means a lot to me .. And soon we will be together …


These are things that are running on my mind this time. It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted in here. There are lots of things happens in this past weeks and some are shocking. Anyway, I am will just share why I  love my English Man.


  • His Charms

Even if he is bullying me and making fun of me once in a while but he started to use his charms on me it’s all gone. He has this armor that can attack me if I am starting to get mad at him.

  • His Smile and Laugh

My boyfriend doesn’t smile or laugh a lot if there are people seeing us doing Skype. When it’s just the two of us those rare smiles and laughs are always there to make me happy. Once a guy is ” acrimonious ” in nature and when he smiles in your conversation it means a lot and it changes every thing.

  • Being Straight-forward

I know it’s kinda weird that I like him that way but it’s good for me because I can know how he feels for me and for others. There are times that I can’t stop him from being frank but I know he is just saying what’s on his mind and I do respect it.

  • Being Cool and Positive

He is the only person that I know that never been angry at all. I even asked his sister about it. He is a cool guy and never gets mad easily. If I am down and feeling stress he always reminds me of many positive things and never give up and just cool down.

  • His Accent

He doesn’t have strong English accent but whenever he talk or speak I am trap in him. It’s like being hypnotize by him. It’s one of the reasons why I am in love with him.



These are just few reasons why I love him. There are more and many more to mention. Our relationship is not perfect but we are trying our best to end up together in the future.

Thank you for reading

xoxo ♥



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